As a child, Michael-Jordon would draw for hours, then when he was 6 years old he discovered photography. He was given an old 1960’s 120mm film camera by his Father. He remembered his Father inserting the black and white film into the camera for him, while he eagerly waited for him. Then, off he went with his 12-exposure film and set about taking some very random photographs.

Then in his mid-teens, his Father took him to a camera store, whereby he bought Michael-Jordon his first SLR camera, a “Pentax Super A”. This camera would be with him for the next 20 years.

During his early adolescence he discovered music, not the main-stream genre but “Avant-Garde”, this music continues to influence his photography to the present day.

Photography for Michael-Jordon, is like painting or music, like brushes & paints or instruments he can use light and a camera to bring vivacity to his images.

With the help of his peers Michael-Jordon became engrossed in the subject and spent every spare minute studying and practicing the craft. Learning everything he could about film, optics, darkrooms, shutter speeds and depth of field, He quickly started to create images that became recognised for their impact and professionalism.

His life changed in 2009, when he moved to Hong Kong, at which time he needed to sell his beloved SLR equipment. After a few years he started again with his love of photography and jumped into the world of Digital.

From a very early age he had a fascination with photography, music and art and these interests have stayed with him ever since. He provides this insight into himself, so that when you look at his photographs, you may understand where his inspirations come from.

The photographs he creates are personally attached to his thoughts and feelings, nothing random like those early days, but a progressive approach to improve his use of light and to stimulate peoples’ emotions when they see his photographs.

He is an Artist, that uses photographic equipment to create strikingly-beautiful images. He hopes that  you enjoy identifying with these images, as much as he does.


Thank you.